Matt Mascolo (alias DJ Dream) was first introduced to electronic music in the early 1980's, when he purchased several Tangerine Dream and Brian Eno CD's. Subsequently, he bought his first synthesizer/sequencer and quickly began composing his own songs.

Years of composing and collecting music lead Mascolo to the Oberlin Conservatory TIMARA program, where he studied composition and music technology at the professional level. While at Oberlin, he explored a variety of musical styles: interactive electronic music, multi-media performance art, ethnomusicology, electro-acoustic music and even folk/folk-rock. Experimentation in multiple genres allowed him to become fluent in computer music, synthesizers, piano, voice, acoustic guitar, and percussion.

In addition to composing and performing his own music, Mascolo became passionate about promoting the electronic music of those who inspired him. He successfully landed his own radio show on Oberlin College's WOBC 91.5 FM, which he produced and mixed for three years. This weekly show offered a vast exploration of ambient and downtempo music. Mascolo now has over 10,000 Tracks in his collection: from deep ambient to dark IDM, sexy downtempo to blissful chillout, and the whole gamut of house, tech, and progressive. He persistently tries to stay up to date on what's out there and looks forward to every opportunity there is to expose his music.

To learn more about Mascolo's background and other musical interests, please view his professional website The Dream Chamber